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Lot 16 Childrens Kids Books Early Readers Beginning Scholastic Learn to Read

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Lot 16 Childrens Books Early Readers Beginning Scholastic Learn to Read

Scholastic Little Leveled Readers - Learn to Read Books

• 16 books total

• 4 titles each in levels A, B, C, and D - you will receive an assortment of titles which may vary from the photos

• Each 8-page reader is black and white as designed by a reading specialist to attract attention to the print

• Measures 4 1/2" by 5 1/2"

• This series of books is a Teachers' Choice award winning item as voted by Learning Magazine!

A step-by-step, book-by-book program that guides children through the early stages of reading. Each book, carefully evaluated by a reading specialist to correlate with the Guided Reading Levels, is leveled to address the early stages of a child's reading development. These books are great for little hands and are developmentally appropriate for your beginning reader in preschool, kindergarten, grade 1, or students needing remediation.

Level A titles feature 1 line of 1 to 6 words per page, easy-to-see print and ample space between the words. 

Level B features books focused on a simple story line or single idea, with direct correspondence between text and pictures. 1 to 2 lines of print per page with a variety of punctuation. 

Level C features books that have simple sentences with introductory clauses set off by punctuation. Text may be patterned but it is not a predictable as in Levels A and B. 

Level D books cover familiar topics but introduce new, more abstract ideas. Illustrations support the text but more attention to print is required. Text contains more compound and multi-syllable words with a full range of punctuation.